Visual Space: Globe Art Gallery features Mayie Delgado’s “Poetic Images”

Art is an intrinsic part of the human experience. Through it we see more of ourselves and the world, in so doing, becoming even more human. While it’s primarily a telco, Globe knows the importance of art, and hopes to bring it closer to the people by featuring the works of Maye Delgado at the Globe offices.

The Globe Art Gallery currently features Mayie Delgado’s “Poetic Images”. The finest abstract photographer in the Philippines and probably one of the best practitioners of the art in the world, Delgado is able to make the most mundane objects seem sublime and profound. Though known mostly for his abstractions, Delgado’s “Poetic Images” captures landscape images in New Zealand and Iceland. The Globe Art Gallery is located at the telecommunication provider’s headquarters in Bonifacio Global City. Globe Telecom’s support for contemporary art and the people in the art community in general speaks of its advocacy for creativity and innovation.

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE April 2017 Issue.