Gadgets Magazine’s Holiday Belle: Glaiza De Castro


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As generations pass, there are icons that remain forever etched in the minds of people—those that endure the test of time, leaving a lasting charm. One such icon is the pin-up girl.

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In the 1940s, most wall calendars had one thing in common: there was a beautiful woman flashing her pearly whites, confidently flaunting her curves through poses that were a mix of sweetness, seduction and sophistication. Pin-up girls were what got any man counting the days to the new year.

The thing about Glaiza de Castro is that she has the same sweetness, natural sexiness and confidence, which is why she is rightfully our pin-up girl for the celebration of the coming year. Her beauty channels the lasting appeal of both the pin-up tradition and the tech toys in our wishlist.

Glaiza is no stranger to timelessness. If there’s anything that has a lasting appeal in Glaiza’s life, it’s music. Learning guitar at 13 and composing songs at 16, she discovered early on that she had the chops to make music. She used to have a band, but her most recent music projects are solo efforts.

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Right now, Glaiza is on a music-making hiatus to focus on acting, but she knows all too well that this time off won’t be for long. “If you really have the passion for one thing, you’ll always come back to it,” she assured us.

With Glaiza’s fire for music, it’s only natural that a musical instrument is at the top of her holiday wishlist. Although she’d really like a new guitar, Glaiza has grown keen towards a certain Korg looper that she discovered through a friend.

Since she’s such a music junkie, we asked her about her favorite holiday tune, to which she piped happily in reply, “Here we are as in olden days / Happy golden days of yore.” Said Glaiza, “’Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ is just jam-packed with messages of joy.”

Indeed, the cheery and spirited Glaiza just loves her dose of delight, especially now that she’s excited to start the new year. As she welcomes 2014, Glaiza raises a toast to lessening procrastination and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Racine Anne Castro and Mia Barrientos


This article was originally published in Gadgets Magazine’s double-month holiday issue, “Hello Holiday!” featuring Glaiza De Castro on the cover and in our monthly photo feature. Grab a copy this Christmas season at your leading bookstores!

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