GADGETS Magazine’s Outdoor Issue: Grab your sunblock, we’re going outside!


As the school year comes to a close and the weather starts to get steamier, Gadgets Magazine welcomes the sunny season with the Outdoor Issue!

In this issue, we go into various devices that can help you become fit and trim. As you may know, this is not only limited to exercise equipment. Today, there are various technologies, such as earphones, sports watches, apps, games, and specialized apparel that help us monitor our body mass, track our running distance, and keep us comfortable during our exercise sessions. We take a look at all these gadgets that would help us become fit and energetic geeks.

Planning a road trip to the mountain ranges or the coastline this summer? Why not take photographs of these breathtaking sights while you’re there? This month, we lay down the basics of landscape photography—how to take beautiful shots and the key elements that can affect the outcome.

Apart from being considered as the kickoff of the summer season, March is also Earth Hour month, and in this issue, we talk about WWF Philippines and the various goodies they’ve been brewing to reach out to us tech heads so that we can learn a thing or two about creating a positive outcome for the environment. In this month’s Hi-Tech Places, we take you for a spin around the HQ of the team behind nifty apps like EnviroPop and the Maddie and Matt series, AppLabs Digital Studios.

If you think the great outdoors just isn’t for you and you’re planning to stay in for the summer, we’ve also got a little something for you. In this issue, we show you how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re at one of Megaworld’s premier properties—Greenbelt Madison in Makati.

Other fun adventures we give you this month include our recent visit to the new and improved Myspace site and our studio time with iconic local 90s band Color It Red.

Bold and bubbly Hillarie Parungao graces the cover of this issue, and in our exclusive interview, she shares with us just how much fun she has in the great outdoors.

More features! Mooooore!

  • Keeping it Cool and Healthy with Beauti Drink
  • Getting Connected: What Up With Pedalboards?
  • Team Gadgets at the Condura Skyway Marathon
  • Getting Inked at Fuse Tattoo Studio
  • Exercise Peripherals
  • Leisure and Luxury at Bellagio III
  • PNP Shootfest
  • A Review of Devil May Cry

Head to the stands and grab a copy of the Outdoor Issue at your leading bookstores!