A bin of boxes labelled “iPhone 5c” just surfaced online



The website Macotakara.jp stumbled upon a few images from weiphone.com and uploaded a photo of what appears to be a bin full of what looks like iPhone boxes labelled “iPhone 5c.” The What this really means is, of course, purely speculation at this point, but based on existing rumors about the next iOS device, this could very well be what the next iPhone could be.

Whispers in the wind have made is pretty clear that the iPhone cycle will see two devices hit the market, with a cheaper version to come out to start targeting the value-oriented buyers who still want in on the iPhone experience. This device is likely to have a polycarbonate body, much like the iPhone 3Gs.

While there really is no shortage about iPhone rumors, this seems like pretty concrete evidence, or possibly, a very elaborate hoax. We’ll all just have to stick around and find out later this year.