A picture is worth more than a thousand keys – a look at how picture passwords will work with Windows 8 Tablets

Anybody who has ever owned an Android device knows how gesture based passwords work – you connect the dots on the screen in a manner that only you know. But it seems like Microsoft will be taking that gesture based unlocking technique over to their Windows 8 tablets, with a twist. The OS will prompt you to choose from a picture that you have – no stock pictures will be allowed, apparently – and make you perform a series of simple gestures on the picture that you choose that will serve as your log-in. The device will note the position and what the gestures are, and voila – you’ve unlocked your device. Microsoft also notes that the device will be smart enough to know the direction of the gestures when you draw it, so just drawing a circle for example, without knowing which way the owner initially drew it won’t unlock the device. You can read up on the nitty gritty of the technique below.

Source: Microsoft