Acer wants you to be happy with dual core Atom on the Aspire One Happy and Aspire One D255

Acer’s serving up their newest netbooks for the holiday season in the form of the Aspire One Happy and Aspire One D255. The two new netbooks are served up with Intel’s newest Atom processor, the N550.

Jermyn Wong, Market Development Manager of Intel Philippines walked us through the new features of the N550. The new Atom processor is markedly faster than its predecessor by up t0 60%, and that’s a conservative estimate said Wowie. The new processor is also equipped with Intel’s Hyperthreading technology, which allows the processor to have four threads running simultaneously, which speeds up processing time and applications.

The Aspire One D255 and Aspire One Happy are aimed at the younger demographic said Dio S. Vasquez, Product Manager for Acer Philippines. The Aspire One happy comes in a variety of colors, including lime green, lavender purple, candy pink and Hawaii blue. Aside from the normal netbook fittings like a 10-inch screen and 250MB of memory, and Windows 7, the Aspire One Happy is also equipped with Google’s Android OS for dual boot duties. The Android OS boots in mere seconds, and is useful if you want to just surf the net instantly.

The Acer Aspire D255 meanwhile, is for the more serious worker. It comes in a range of corporate friendly colors like sandstone brown, diamond black, ruby red, seashell white and aquamarine. Like its sibling, it is also equipped with an Intel Atom dual-core N550 processor, and has a 250GB SATA HDD.

Also on hand for the event was Ricky Banaag, Intel Microelectronics Philippines Country Manager and Manuel Wong, AcerPhilipines General Manager.

We managed to wrangle a lime green Acer Aspire Happy during the event, and as you can see from our photos, it’s a pretty little netbook.

That little green dude on the corner should clue you in immediately that the Aspire One Happy is able to boot in both Windows and Android.

Here’s a photo of how Android looks like on a netbook.

The keys are standard island style ones that you see on bigger notebooks. It’s pretty comfortable to use, but like any netbook, the reduced sized keyboard will still take some getting used to.

The Windows Experience Index clocks the Acer in at 2.9, decent enough score we suppose.