Add a “Jewel” to your kitchen

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO), recently unveiled the premium edition “Jewel” refrigerator (RS26MB), which infuses elegant design and functionality with its interior and exterior features. Designed by world-renowned jewelry designer Massimo Zucchi, the RS26MB begins the elegant transformation with its Champagne Handle. The unique handle softly sparkles in pink, gold lines that illuminate light on the handle bar. Additionally, Samsung’s new Bid Printing technology melts ink into glass and allows light to be reflected off the surface of the refrigerator for a sleek look. This Jewel Light effect is also viewable when opening the refrigerator door, leading into the appliance’s fully-lit interior with its metallic finishing.

The RS26MB refrigerator comes equipped with Samsung’s fourth-generation Digital Inverter Compressor, providing consumers with energy savings while Samsung’s Coolselect Zone allows users to touch one button to select a specific temperature that meets their storage needs. Samsung’s Cooling Cover on the Mini Drinks Bar section of the refrigerator keeps beverages cooler than ever. Dual LED lighting illuminates every internal corner of Samsung’s premium edition refrigerator so users can locate items conveniently. Bigger space guards on the unit’s side doors combined with slimmer shelving units provide extra space for larger items. Samsung’s Twin Cooling System ensures that stored items are fresh and kept at optimal humidity levels. The transfer of odors between compartments is eliminated, and the food items’ aroma and flavor are retained.




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