AfterShokz Open-ear, bone-conduction Bluetooth headphones up for pre-order!

AfterShokz, a company whose product is far more innovative then their spelling, is coming out with a pair of wireless bone-conduction headphones at CES next year. For those of you unfamiliar, bone conductive headphones don’t have the traditional scaled-down speaker innards of most headphones. They take the sound information and vibrate accordingly. When you sit them next to your ear, you won’t really hear a thing. Rest them on just in front of your ears, where they’re supposed to be, and the vibrations travel through your cheekbone, straight to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrum all together, and making music. This means the listener is free to hear all the other sounds outside, making it safer, and makes the headphones 100% compatible with hearing protection.

The device, called the AfterShokz Bluez, uses widely-accepted Bluetooth wireless technology to interface with devices, and ensures broad compatibility with a host of players, mobile phones, and audio systems in the market today. The manufacturer’s website HERE has the product for pre-order for just under USD 100, so if you want to be on the bleeding edge of personal audio, hit the link and let them know you want one.


  1. The problem here is that this article fails to inform the readers that the manufacturer only accepts preorders made on US and Canada. I honestly don’t know how this article helps out serious buyers or just the site just wants traffic…

    • You’re right, we should have mentioned the pre-order thing (though honestly, I did drop the ball on that one) but there are readers who are a) still interested in the technology in play, and b) we do have readers from the areas pre-orders are accepted. We’ll take note of it and mention tha more often in the articles next time! Thanks! -Ren Alcantara

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