Alodia wants you to play with her in environmentally friendly Facebook game Alter Space

Famed pinoy cosplayer and all around cutie Alodia Gosiengfiao wants you to play with her in Alter Space, the first Philippine-made Facebook game that addresses the ways we can help the environment. Developed by Cleanergy from AboitizPower, Alter Space is geared towards educating people about the concepts of carbon footprint and renewable energy with a distinctly pinoy twist.

“The great thing about Alter Space is that it’s not just any typical game you play. In a creative way, it actually teaches people to be conscious of the carbon foortprint they produce, which means changing their habits for the good of the Earth.” says the 22-year-old Alodia.

The game’s premise is simple: player’s are tasked to take care of their own planet. Players will need to keep their carbon footprint levels low while keeping happiness levels up. Every choice a player makes affects their environment, and the game gives constant fe

edback to the repercussions of these choices. Players can also invite friends to be their neighbors, and their overall carbon footprint as a community will be calculated.

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