Apple unveils 4th generation iPad: new A6X processor, 9.7-inch Retina display, LTE, Lightning connector


Apple has unveiled their 4th generation iPad today, and while it’s not as monumental as the previous iPad, the new device gets a new processor as well as a new connector in the form of the Lighting connector. The overall design hasn’t changed that much (if at all), and we’re pretty sure that only the internals have been changed this time ’round. Speaking of internals, the 4th generation iPad features Apple’s new A6X processor, which puts it right beside the iPhone 5 as far as processor specs are concerned. The 4th generation iPad also features LTE capability, as well as a new image signal processor. The Facetime camera is now 720p capable, so you can see who you’re talking with in glorious HD. And yes, we do realize that Apple has just made a lot of iPad 3 owners extremely unhappy, since they’ve essentially offered an upgrade to a device that they bought only a few months ago. Prices for the 4th generation iPad stay the same – they start at $499 for the base 16GB version.