Are you ready to cut the cord with your phone? Plantronics has the answer.

BackBeat FIT

Getting around the crowded metro is not fun. There are just so many hazards. Crowded streets, trains, buses and buildings are bad enough without the additional hassle of cables dangling from either side of your head. If you want the calming effects of music without the infuriating entanglements of cables, it’s time to go wireless.

Plantronics, manufacturer of some of our favorite Bluetooth headsets (including the amazing Voyager Legend, which I use on a daily basis) has a wireless, stereo headset that you might want to look at.

The BackBeat Fit combines solid Plantronics reliability with stereo audio and a design that’s perfect for an active lifestyle. Plantronics has had a lot of time to perfect Bluetooth headsets, and we’re honestly quite excited at the prospect of a wireless headset that’s purpose-built for working out.

“More than half of people who exercise make music an essential part of their workout. With BackBeat FIT we’re ushering in a new way of motivating yourself with music – without the distraction of cords,” said Greg Miller, senior category manager for stereo with Plantronics. “Along with superior sound and the ability to take and make calls, BackBeat FIT incorporates an all-new, incredibly stable and comfortable design along with a host of safety features.”

BackBeat FIT Case

The BackBeat features a soft, sturdy, flexible headband. It’s sweatproof (just like the Voyager Legend!), and packs Plantronics’ P2i weather-proof nano-coating. It also comes in flashy colors, so if you want to go for a run, it’s another thing for people to see. The design of the actual ear tips also lets just enough ambient noise in so you’re still aware of your surroundings, but without compromising sound quality. It even comes with an armband/carrying case that has enough room for your smartphone and car keys.

BackBeat FIT Case

The BackBeat has enough juice for eight hours of wireless playback, has handy music controls, and constant firmware updates, so it keeps getting better throughout its life. As an added bonus, the updates happen over the air, via an app on your phone, so you don’t even have to plug the headphones into a host device to update it. Since it’s by Plantronics, it goes without saying that these work as a great hands-free headset to boot. You won’t even have to touch your phone to accept calls.

The BackBeat Fit will be available in May of this year, though the price locally hasn’t been announced. We’ll let you know as soon as we get word.