BlackBerry Z10: an unboxing

BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10 arrived in the body of the sexy new Z10. I was honestly never a big fan of the BlackBerry design in the past, but when the first pictures came out, it certainly got my attention. Over time, and as more and more images began to surface, I got even more curious. By the time I was able to handle the device for myself, I wanted to take it home. Just last week, this arrives at the office:


I swear, even the box is pretty sexy. It’s got very little heft to it, and opening it up reveals the sleek, shiny goodness inside


With the phone came a rather plain set of headphones, a micro USB cable and wall charger. There is no need for a pin for removing the sim tray, as it comes apart simply, with a removable back panel.



The Z10 itself is as it was when I first met it. It’s comfortably slim, and both angular and curved at just the right places. The screen is 4.2 inches on the diagonal, and has a beautiful resolution of about 355 PPI. The colors are vivid, with great contrast, making even fine text beautifully readable even in harsh lighting.



The nicely-textured back is home to the clear 8MP snapper, while the scratch-resistant glass front has a handy 2MP deal to handle video calls and selfies.



The right edge of the Z10 has the volume rocker and voice command button,




And the left edge has the MicroUSB and HDMI ports.


I have no idea how I will manage the will to give the phone back after the review, but that’s something future me will have to deal with. For everyone else, tell your future selves to grab the June issue of Gadgets Magazine and read the excellent BlackBerry Z10 review we have here. We’ll be posting extra content here every now and again, so watch the page to get extra info as we go along.