Bring back the 80’s with this retro Brick Handset

Want to relive the glory days of loud shirts and bad hair? Here’s your chance. This lovely gadget is a nifty bluetooth handset that’s made to look like one of most unmistakable gadgets of the 80’s – a brick cellular phone. At 13-inches tall, this particularly garish reminder of the 80’s has all the functionality that the original had – which isn’t saying much, sadly. There’s an LED display to help you when you make or receive a call..and that’s it. Sure, you can try to navigate your phone’s menu using the one line LED display, but it looks like more trouble than its worth. Still, this particular retro gadget is a great conversation starter, and is sure to make people who grew up with these things nostalg. Hard.

The project is currently in Kickstarter and needs your help (the group has a long way to go till their goal) so you can go here to back this project. A pledge of $85 bucks guarantees you a Brick handset of your very own if the project goes through.

Source: Kickstarter