Canon claims new EOS 60Da is suited for astronomy enthusiasts

The Canon EOS 60Da DSLR camera is geared towards photographers, astronomers, and hobbyists who want to take great photos of the night sky. The successor to the EOS 20Da has a modified infrared filter and a low-noise sensor with an intensified hydrogen-alpha sensitivity that according to Canon allows users to capture images of “red hydrogen emission” nebulae and further cosmic phenomena that your own eyes can’t see. The company claims that the camera is able to get an accurate depiction of the night sky and other happenings in our solar system that is hard to achieve with other conventional cameras.

Although some photographers are claiming that there’s a cheaper alternative that involves replacing a DSLR’s stock Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha) filter with one that lets that part of the spectrum through, it’s really more than just the filter that makes the EOS 60Da specialized for astral photography.

At the heart of the EOS 60Da is an 18-megapixel CMOS sensor. It also has a 3-inch Clear View LCD screen, a flip-out variable angle display, and a nine-point autofocus system. The new camera will be released later this month for USD $1,4900 (approximately Php 63,000).