Capture panoramic video with your iPhone

Panoramic videos might be one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in quite a long time. It essentially allows users to shoot everything within visible range in its surroundings in a continuous horizontal loop. Once the video is posted up onto YouTube or other similar sites, users can actually interact with the video with their mouse pointers.

Originally only available for DSLRS, this technology will soon be possible on your iPhone.

Meet the GoPano micro (pictured above), designed by Pittsburgh inventors at EyeSee360. The device essentially attaches to the iPhone’s lens with the help of a specially built case. Once the device is in secured, all users have to do is hit “record” and everything will be shot in full panoramic perspective. GoPano is currently still a project looking for funding.

Users can alternatively turn to the Dot (pictured above) by Korgeto, another Panoramic attachment that fastens to the iPhone’s lens similar to the GoPano. Unlike its counterpart however, a Dot-equipped phone must be held in a horizontal orientation during shooting (as seen in the photo below), meaning that users can’t really preview what’s being shot until after. While it might seem disadvantageous, it does have its benefits as well since it allows users to place their phones on a flat surface for hands-free operation.

The Dot is slated to be available by August, retailing for roughly $98 (approx Php 4,250) but is available for preorders. The GoPano micro is targeted at $80 (Php 3,470) with no announced release date yet.