Creative shows off wireless solutions and modular speakers

One of the most annoying things about setting up a good speaker system is also one of the most important components: wiring. It’s complex and complicated enough that most novice users are intimidated to even try and do some basic wiring. Creative, the folks who specialize in audio wants to solve that little issue with their wireless speaker and headphone offerings, most notably with the Creative ZiiSound Dx of modular speakers.

The ZiiSound D3x, D5x, and DSx are all compatible with each other and can be daisy chained to one another to give users excellent sound without the wires. Both the D3x and the D5x can function on their own without being connected to another speaker, while the DSx pulls subwoofer duties when connected to either one. You can chain up to 3 speakers (plus the DSx together) wirelessly giving you 3.1 sound surround, unfortunately 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound isn’t supported. Still, an upgraded version of the speakers isn’t unfathomable, and the wireless flexibility of the Dx series makes it perfect for the amateur music lover.


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