Cyanogenmod. Coming pre-installed to a phone near you (if you happen to be buying an Oppo N1)


CyanogenMod, a very slick custom ROM with support for a whole host of Android devices. As it stands though, it is a high-ish level install that involves a bunch of steps that could potentially brick your beloved ‘droid.

Fortunately for those who want the full CyanogenMod experience (without the threat of having to buy a new device) Cyanogen himself (Steve Kondik) has given word that he will be present at the launch of the Oppo N1.

For those who need a few storytelling gaps filled, Oppo is a Chinese manufacturer of Android devices. They hit the mainstream market (albeit quietly) in 2012 with their Finder, which was at the time, and according to them, the thinnest smartphone in the world. This was followed up by the Find 5 and the R819, both of which were well-liked by those who managed to get their hands on them.

CyanogenMod, now a legit company rather than just a group of developers, has long since wanted to break into the hardware scene, and a solid manufacturer like Oppo seems like a great way to get the ball rolling. In his incredibly cryptic announcement, Cyanogen mentioned that he would be present in Beijing at the launch, and that there would be “exciting news ahead.”

This could be great news for Android fans out there, as the versatility and power of the mod can now be witnessed in a device that has seen direct input from the makes of the mod themselves. It’s also a great showcase of just how open Android is, and how far it has gone in a relatively short time.

Hand on for the Sep. 23 event. We’ll let you know what happens as soon as we find out ourselves.