Dell Launches their latest Windows 8 Machines


The era of the touch interface is well and truly upon us. Since Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch just over a month ago, various manufacturers have released devices that come with the new OS right out of the box. This means a huge windfall for those who are into the PC environment, and a new set of devices to want this season. Not one to be left behind, Dell has just officially launched a few new Windows 8 machines to make sure you and your home or small business get with the times.

At the top of the list is Dell’s entry into the tablet market, the Latitude 10. This 10-inch tablet gives great media-consumption capabilities, as well as the full Wondows 8 experience. On top of being a great tablet that runs the latest version of Windows, you also get a tablet that can fit nicely into the security structure of your business. You even get a swappable battery, and extra options such as Dell Data Protection and Encryption, as well as a user-swappable battery, for those times you need just a little more juice. The Latitude 10 retails for 768 USD.

Dell also launched a new ultrabook in the Latitude 6430u. This puts security, mobility and beauty in a single form. Dell also makes sure this latitude is more than capable as living life as an office-issued laptop. It’s the most durable of the current lineup, having gone through much more of the US’s MIL-STD 810G tests than any other device in its class. It also comes with enough juice to be useful for 10 hours straight, making it the perfect companion for  anyone who likes to get work done while on the go. The 6430u is available starting at USD 1,508.

Can’t choose between a tablet and a full laptop? Dell has you covered with the XPS 12. It’s a convertible that jumps from content-creation to media consumption at a swivel of the screen. It opens up like any regular notebook, but once the reports are done, and you want to kick back and watch a movie or just browse the Internet, flip the screen over, and you’ve got yourself a tablet. The vibrant Full HD display provides 90 percent more pixels than a standard HD display for an exceptionally crisp reading and viewing experience, and when in tablet mode, the keys are kept safely tucked away underneath the back of the screen. The XPS12 starts at PHP 65,990.

If you need a machine that gives you a full desktop experience, plus the convenience of a touch screen, the Dell OptiPlex 9010 all-in-one is the machine to consider. It’s got a slim footprint, so you still get the most of your desk space. It also gives users a multi-point touch screen, a fixed or rotating camera and an articulated stand for easy viewing, no matter where you might want to be seated. Dell’s AIO PC is yours at PHP48,885.