Detect hazardous chemicals via armband

Maybe it’s all the Fringe TV episodes I’ve been watching that’s got me all paranoid but here’s a neat little gadget that may just save you from being poisoned by odorless gas lest some biochemical warfare take place (ok maybe it really is just the paranoia talking).

What was once designed for military use can now be utilized by regular albeit paranoid civilians (like myself). The Morphix Chameleon is an armband designed to detect poisonous gases in the air and requires no power or calibration. It can withstand a variety of environments like heat, cold, and tropical conditions.  It can detect several types of gases: Ammonia, Sulfur Dioxide, Phosphine, Phosgene, Iodine, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrazine, Dioborane, Chlorine/Fluorine, and a variety of high pH and low pH gases.


Source: Morphtec