Electro-Voice launches ZLX 12- and 15-inch portable speakers




Electro-Voice (EV), a world leader in audio technology, has just launched 12- and 15-inch loudspeakers under their ZLX line. The speakers, which are perfect for use as mains or monitors bring more to the table for those who require more than what ordinary portable speakers can deliver.

“EV has been, and continues to be, a trusted partner for professional communication systems and audio technology. Our presence in the Philippine market has been made possible through our invaluable partnership with EVI Distribution Philippines, Inc.” said Johannes Huth, director for Product Marketing, Bosch Communication Systems. “We launched our ZLX Line here not only because we wanted to expand our product portfolio. By making our latest innovations available and accessible to local consumers, we further our aim to better serve the Philippine market,” he added.

EV speakers are not new to the industry. Their speakers are installed in the Suwon World Cup Stadium in Korea, the Parramatta Stadium in Australia, both the Philippine Senate and Congress, as well as other facilities and establishments around the country.

ZLX loudspeakers are available in powered and passive two-way models, both of which offer unequalled control and versatile configuration at its price point. Whether it’s for voice, music,live bands, or clubs, ZLX has a solution.



The compact, lightweight 12-inch two-way powered speaker ZLX-12P are designed to give performers more power than similarly-sized speakers, making it the perfect choice for small venue sound reinforcement or stage monitoring.

On its own, or with a sub, the 15-inch two-way powered loudspeaker ZLX-15P gives clean, crisp highs and deep, tight lows perfect for larger spaces with enough amp headroom to ensure performers are heard loud and clear.

The speakers stand out thanks to their breakthrough cabinet design, which give the speakers excellent sound quality and outstanding reliability. The 12-inch passive loudspeaker ZLX-12 offer the ultimate combination of performance and reliability, while keeping great lines that look great on-stage.

Their 15-inch passive loudspeakers ZLX-15 come with some of the industry’s most trusted components, put together to precise tolerances to give you great audio quality, both with and without subwoofers.

The loudspeakers are available now, through their certified and exclusive local dealer, EVI Distribution Philippines, Inc.

For more information on Electro-Voice and the ZLX line, head over to www.electrovoice.com