Fatman Mi-Tube makes vacuum tubes and your Bluetooth device make beautiful music together

Ask any audiophile what kind of amplifier gives the best result, and the answer will almost always be the same: traditional valve amplifiers. A company called Fatman has merged the superior audio quality of valve amplifiers with the modern technologies like wireless connectivity. The Fatman Mi-Tube is the latest product of this convergence old-meets-new, and delivers superior sound quality that you’ve probably haven’t seen (or heard) before. The Mi-Tube delivers a powerful 28W of audio per channel, with an output impedance of 4/8 Ohms and signal to noise ratio of 86dB. The amplifier also utilizes a radical new hybrid valve design, the basis of which was first suggested in a
theoretical paper produced over 50 years ago.

The Mi-Tube has two standard pairs of RCA phono inputs for connecting CD players and other line level sources, and Bluetooth connectivity – allowing Bluetooth capable devices to connect to the valve amplifier wirelessly.