First Impressions: Samsung i5510

Oh goodie! A formidable side-slide QWERTY smartphone! Fresh from Samsung’s continuing collaboration with Google is the Samsung i5510, a mid-range slide-out smartphone that runs on Android 2.2 Froyo. At first glance, it looks simple enough, with only three keys on its front face.

But sliding it exposes the physical keyboard that houses spacious, rectangular keys (I especially like the ample spacebar). Although I haven’t decided whether I like the square-ness of it.

Armed with Google programs like Search, Mail, Android Marketplace and others, the phone allows the user to move widgets to the home screen from the collection. Its 3.2” capacitive touchscreen of WQVGA resolution (400×240 pixels) also runs on TouchWiz 3.0. The screen’s responsive enough, and moves without a lag.

The i5510 houses a built-in 3MP autofocus sharpshooter for those must-capture moments, and support for DivX videos for movie lovers. Connectivity will also be a breeze with its HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS capability.

Catch the full review on our upcoming issue.


  1. Hi! Would you know if you can set-up proxy servers when you’re using wi-fi on this phone? Thanks!

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