Foremay outs 2TB 2.5-inch SSDs


Solid state drives aren’t known for their large storage capacities – they’re usually used when read/write performance trumps storage needs. Foremay apparently doesn’t prescribe to that school of thought, and has unveiled their 2TB 2.5-inch SSD. Their TC166 (for consumers) and SC199 (enterprise) SSD drives are made with both performance and storage in mind, and has a storage capacity of 2TB. They’ve managed to integrate fast read/write speeds with large storage into a 2.5-inch SATA enclosure that’s able to fit into most notebooks and desktops out there in the market today, making them attractive to users who want both maximum performance and storage. The only problem is that they haven’t revealed how much these SSDs are, and from what we’re seeing on the market, you can expect to drop a pretty penny indeed for them.

Source: Formay