Gear4 outs Angry Birds branded speakers and docks, overwhelms everyone with cuteness

We’re fresh from the Gear4 event earlier tonight, curious to see what the UK company is bringing to our shores. Well, aside from the usual wireless speaker offerings, the company has also outed official Angry Birds licensed merchandise in the form of portable speakers and speaker docks.

These docks have the likenesses of different characters in the game which include the villainous ambassadors of bacon, the pigs. There are different models available, which include the simple external rechargeable speaker, to more complicated ones like the Pig-dock.

Unfortunately, it looks like the dock models are all using Apple’s old connector, which means you will have to use the included adapter if you have an iPhone 5 or the upcoming iPod, Nano and Shuffle. You can expect to shell out between Php 3390 to Php 4990 for the bigger speaker docks. The smaller bird speakers will retail for 1390 each, and can be chained together for better sound.