Gigabyte releases U2442 ultrabook

Aside from their massive gaming rig, Gigabyte also released their own interpretation of Intel’s ultrabook today. The U2442 is their attempt to try and grab a slice of the ultrabook pie in the Philippines, and as such is stuffed with a heck of a lot of tech and hi-end specs. While it’s not a particularly thin ultrabook (it’s .5mm shy of Intel’s prescribed 21mm limit for the thickness of an ultrabook) Gigabyte has made sure to put all the features that they think people need in an everyday ultrabook.

The U2442 is powered by Intel’s Core i5-3210M (up to 3.1GHz) and has 8GB of DDR3 memory. Unlike other ultrabooks, the U2442 has a discrete graphics core, and is powered by NVIDIA’s GeForce 640M (2GB of memory). For storage, the U2442 uses a hybrid storage setup, and has a 128GB SSD drive for OS duties and a bigger 1TB HDD for actual storage. The 14-inch screen has a native resolution of 1600×900 – a bit short from full HD, unfortunately. The U2442 also has a backlit keyboard, and is capable of using Intel’s Wireless Display technology. It’s a bit heavy, coming in at 1.5 kilos, but for the things you’re getting (1TB storage, discrete graphics) we think that’s a bit of a fair trade.

There will be two versions of the U2442 sold: an Intel Core i5 version that will retail for Php 55,590, and a more powerful Core i7 version that will retail for Php 63,590.