Google Glass Specs are out, still pretty awesome.


While we live in a world where messages can be sent instantly from thousands of kilometers away, people are in space and planning to go to other planets and we have all the knowledge of the human race at our fingertips, you won’t really convince us that the future is here until we have wearable consumer technology that is more that a mobile phone strapped onto a watch strap. Google, always keen to bring the future to mankind at a rate greater than our usual 1 sec/sec, has cooked up Google Glass, which, if you haven’t heard, must mean you have been spending the past months in a jungle somewhere (HERE is a quick primer for the five of you who have no idea what it is.)

Google has just released the specs for the device, for those who are interested in being either a Uni Sol or Saiyan. The specs look good, and the device is as desirable as ever, particularly with the bone conduction transducer that will be in charge of audio for Glass. They report that the image seen in Glass looks like a 25-inch HD screen viewed from eight feet away; not exactly a home theatre, but for a lot of tasks, it should do just fine. It has a battery that is rated to last “one full day of typical use.” They are probably being purposely vague here, as there is no mention of the capacity or rating of the battery, but at least they are ticking to the industry-standard Micro USB port, though they suggest users stick with the included one for “long and prosperous Glass use.”

It’s a pretty interesting little thing on paper, but only time will tell if there is more to it than marketing and nerd hype. That being said, I still want one.

Check out the specs at Google’s official page HERE.