Hands On – HTC Desire Z

Lookie what we have here – HTC has seen fit to send us their newest Froyo powered beauty, the HTC Desire Z. While the Z serves up all the usual trimmings that a high end Android device entails, it also gives the touchscreen averse crowd a full 4-row QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard pivots out from under the LCD with a solid push, and is generally easy to work and type on.

As mentioned, the Desire Z runs on the latest build of Android, Froyo 2.2. You’ll now be able to share the Desire Z’s data connection via WiFi tethering to nearby devices if there’s no WiFi signal nearby to supply your notebook or other devices with a connection.

The Desire Z is big, and thanks to its pivoting QWERTY keyboard, it’s also a bit thicker than your average smartphone. Here’s the Desire Z alongside its smaller cousin, the HTC Wildfire. Aside from the QWERTY keyboard, there’s few physical keys – a volume rocker sits on the left side while a camera shortcut key sits on the right, along with a mechanism that pops the battery cover open. The power key sits on top, right beside a 3.5mm jack.

Typing with the QWERTY keyboard is fantastic, and even with my bigger than average digits I found it easy to use. Once the keyboard is in place, there’s very little play. In fact, the whole device is rock solid and I’m pretty impressed with the build quality.

Alright, that’s pretty much it folks, you can catch our review of the HTC Desire Z in the next issue of the magazine. Till then, you can check out the gallery below for additional views and pictures of the Z.

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  1. I just wanted the HTC Wildfire, but now I want this. Except that mercury retrogrades on Dec 10 to 30, so it’s not a good time to buy gadgets (from an astrological standpoint). I guess I’ll wait till the New Year to make my decision.

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