Hands-on: Nokia Lumia 920, comparison pics with Galaxy Note II


We’re here at the official Windows 8 launch in the Philippines and we stumbled on the Nokia’s Lumia 920. So as is our custom, we eagerly put out grubby paws on it. Short version is: its looks and feels awesome. The solid feel of their previous polycarbonate devices is alive and well with the Lumia 920, as we couldn’t find anything amiss when it came to build quality.

Windows Phone 8 is pretty awesome. The upgraded Live Tile functionality is pleasant to look at and is extremely useful, as it gives users information at a glance without even opening an app. We’re not going to go into too much of Windows Phone 8 (chiefly because we still haven’t spent a large amount of time with it) but our short time with it leaves us wanting more.

One of the main draws of the Nokia Lumia 920 is the PureView sensor embedded in it. Nokia promises improved low-light performance with the Lumia 920 over other phones. It just so happened that we had a Samsung Galaxy Note II on hand during the launch, so we put up the Lumia 920’s camera head-to-head against the one in the Galaxy Note II. We’ve uploaded both unedited photos below.

Picture taken by a Nokia Lumia 920
Photo taken with Galaxy Note II

Surprisingly, the picture taken with the Nokia Lumia 920 looks a bit underexposed and dark compared to the Galaxy Note II. But if you look at the pictures closer, you’ll see that the picture taken with the Note II exhibits a lot of noise which isn’t apparent on the Lumia 920.

That’s it for now kiddies. We’ll try to get more time with the Nokia Lumia 920 when we can. There is no word on prices for the Lumia 920 as of yet.