Hands-on: Windows Phone 8X by HTC


Though Microsoft is outing Windows 8 devices left and right at their local Windows 8 launch, we’ve been primarily been hunting for Windows Phone 8 devices. One of the devices that we saw today was the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. We initially had fears that it looks too similar to Nokia’s Lumia line of devices, but when we finally held it today our fears were laid to rest. This is by far the best looking (and feeling!) Windows Phone device we’ve ever handled, and that’s not a joke considering that Nokia’s Lumia 920 is pretty solid in it’s own right.

Just like the Nokia Lumia 920 that we held earlier today, we didn’t have a lot of time with the device, but from what we could see, it’s pretty damn awesome. The overall thickness of the device isn’t as beefy as other previous Windows Phone devices – in fact it’s pretty thin. But even though it’s a thin device, it doesn’t mean it feels cheap or fragile – on the contrary, we think that this particular Windows Phone 8 device can probably take a beating before saying uncle, though we didn’t actually test that particular feature out (the owner of the device was keeping his eye on us, lest we pound it against the table like we did with their One X). We’ll be seeing more of this device later on in the week in Singapore for its official Asian debut.