Hands-on, first Impressions: Nokia Lumia 620

We were wondering when Nokia’s latest and greatest smartphone equipped with Windows Phone 8 would start appearing on our shores – especially since it’s been 4 months since Microsoft officially unveiled the mobile OS. Lo and behold, it seems like our wait is almost over – Nokia’s local PR reps has sent us a review unit of the extremely chic Lumia 620 to take around town for a few days. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The Lumia 620 is the least expensive of Nokia’s current Windows Phone 8 offerings, and is certainly the runt of the litter, size-wise. Though obviously meant for the entry-level smartphone market, the Lumia 620 doesn’t feel like it. When we first opened the box, we were greeted with a bright, almost neon blue clad smartphone that felt just right to our hands. We were still wondering exactly how this particular device could be an entry level device.

That bewilderment extended to the hardware used in the Lumia 620. While the Lumia 620’s display size is dwarfed by other devices in the market, it’s 3.8-inch, 480 x 800 resolution ClearBlack panel is a pleasant surprise to anyone expecting a lackluster display. The Lumia 620 runs a dual-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait processor under the hood that’s chugging along at 1GHz with about 512MB of RAM. The processor seems to do a good job – the device performed well during our brief time with it, though it’s still up in the air as to how well the processor and memory combo will serve typical smartphone users. As far camera sensors go, the Lumia 620 uses a 5-megapixel camera on the back, as well as a secondary VGA camera on the front.

One nice thing about the Lumia 620 is that you can change out the cover of the device if you’re not liking the color that it comes with. From the official press shots when the device was released, there will be a lot of colors available for the Lumia 620, which includes red, green, black, white yellow and orange. The back covers are also capable of NFC. As far as storage is concerned, you’re looking at 8GB of internal storage, which is expandable via a microSD card.

Nokia has pegged the price of the Lumia 620 at $250 worldwide, though everybody knows that that’s not going to be final pricing of the device when it finally hits the Philippines. You can expect it to cost quite a bit more, especially after taxes and duties.