Hitachi’s LifeStudio HDDs make backing up easy

Backing up your precious data should be the first thing you should be doing when you turn on the PC, but let’s be honest – no one really does it religiously enough to be effective. Hitachi wants to change all of that with their newest LifeStudio HDDs that boast an automatic backup software and convenient USB sync so you don’t have to take the bulky drive with you when you need to transfer files.

How does it work? Well, first off the new drives utilize a slick GUI (that’s powered by cooliris) that makes it easy to search and categorize your files. Heck, the thing can automatically categorize your pics (according to set parameters) and even auto-rotates your pictures the right way. It also allows you to seamlessly upload your pictures and video to your favorite social networking site like Facebook, Picasa and the like.

Now the thing that really sets it apart is the detachable USB thumb drive called the SmartKey that automatically syncs with the main drive. So you can keep the bigger, bulkier hard drive at home and take the smaller, much more portable SmartKey with you when you need to grab files from the office or wherever and you just sync it back when you get home. It’s easy, convenient and dead simple.

It’s only natural that the Hitachi LifeStudio line of drives is going to be more expensive than your regular external HDD. You’re looking at Php 4,995 for the 500GB Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus (with 4GB SmartKey) as opposed to Php 4,560 for the same capacity without the SmartKey. A 2TB Hitachi LifeStudio Desk Plus (with 4GB SmartKey) will set you back Php 7,600 as opposed to the regular version without the SmartKey that retails for Php 6,840.

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