Huawei officially outs 7-inch, 3G enabled Honeycomb MediaPad tablet, retails at Php 21,990

When you think of tablets, Huawei isn’t exactly a brand name that comes to mind. But nonetheless, the Chinese electronics giant has a robust line-up of devices on tap for gadget lovers locally. One of those devices is the 7-inch MediaPad tablet that the company launched today. To be perfectly honest, the MediaPad isn’t exactly pushing the boundaries of gadget design and doesn’t come with anything we haven’t seen before – dual-core processor pumping out 1.2 GHz, 7-inch IPS capacitive touchscreen, Android 3.2 and full HD playback. The MediaPad is also able to hop online via Wi-Fi 802.11n and HSPA+. Nonetheless, we were actually impressed with the construction of the device – from the looks of things, the MediaPad is constructed out of aluminum, and the overall build quality is pretty impressive. The Huawei MediaPad is now available, and will retail for Php 21,990.

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