IFA is coming up, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Probably.


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IFA in Berlin is coming up, and as this is prime time to be showing off a few releases for the last quarter and the start of next year, all in time to fight for our hard-earned cash. Samsung is not a brand to get left behind ever, and some of their hotly-anticipated products are expected to get some time in the spotlight at this year’s event.

At the top of the list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, follow-up to the immensely popular 5.5-inch phablet from earlier this year, is expected to make an appearance. So far, the rumor mill has it having a 586-inch Super AMOLED screen, with a 1920×1080 HD display, all powered by what is likely going to be an octa-core processor and upwards of 2GB of RAM. Being of the Note family, it will still be carrying the S-Pen that sets it apart from the other devices in its class. This will take the place of the S4 as the de facto top device in the Samsung lineup, and will more than likely sell like pancaked from the word “go.”

The device is rumored to be available for sale starting the end of this month, and will be featuring different feature sets such as varying screens, wireless options and perhaps even processors in order to hit as broad a market as possible. We’re excited, and a little worried, as we scramble to find buyers for our Note IIs and S4s.