Koss Striva headphones stream music directly from the Internet

The Koss Striva Pro over-ear headphones and the Striva Tap in-ear earphones are far from the usual headsets we know of. They work wirelessly and come equipped with battery-powered microprocessor chips and Wi-Fi connectivity that allow its users to stream music directly from the internet, allowing them to listen to pretty much any internet radio station. The Striva Pro has a control switch on the side for volume adjustments and for surfing through the thousands of channels out there, and you can always pre-configure it on the computer using the included music management software to set up your choice of stations. With the new MyKoss server, users will be able to get content from a number of free audio streams. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection at hand, the Koss Striva headphones come with a “matchbook-sized” Content Access Point that will supposedly enable you to create some sort of Wi-Fi hub so you can listen wirelessly wherever you may be.

The Koss Striva Tap is priced at US $500 (approximately Php 21,000), while the Striva Pro is surprisingly priced cheaper at US $450 (approximately Php 18,900).