Lenovo announces IdeaTab A2107, dual-core processor, 3G, WiFi, 7-inch screen, will be cost $179-$199

Look out Nexus 7, there’s a new, low-priced 7-inch slate in town. Meet Lenovo’s IdeaTab A2107, the company’s latest Android tablet. This particular tablet is a ruggedized tablet, meaning it has a roll-cage enclosure that allows it to endure the harsh realities of an active lifestyle without any ill effects. The IdeaTab A2107 is powered by a dual-core MTK Cortex A9 CPU processor and ships with Android 4.0 right out of the tin. The 7-inch display serves up 1024 x 600 resolution, along with 3G and WiFi capabilities, typical for most tablets. What’s not typical is it’s price – Lenovo has said that this particular slate will cost around $179-$199, which makes it only the second Android tablet to even come close to Google’s pricing for their Nexus 7. Granted, this is nowhere near the specs of the Nexus 7, but variety is always good – especially if it only costs $199 maximum.



  1. If it’s not near the specs of the Nexus 7, then it doesn’t really compare. There’s a lot of sub 10k tablets in the market already, though not from the major players.

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