Lenovo outs ultraportable notebooks IdeaPad S300 and S400, gives portable computing back to the masses

While Intel’s ultrabook category is fantastic, not a lot of people have enough scratch to buy these impossibly thin and light notebooks. At least, that’s how Lenovo looks at it, and as a result has created the IdeaPad S300 and S400 line of notebooks. While these notebooks aren’t officially classed ultrabooks (they’re not thin enough to go under Intel’s prescribed 22mm limit of thickness, and they both don’t use hybrid storage) these notebooks are still thin and light enough for most people yet still have a price that most people can live with.

Both devices will have different configurations when it comes the processor inside, and both roughly have the same specs: 4GB DDR3 memory, built-in graphics, 500GB HDD, USB 3.0 ports and HDMI capability. Possibly the only difference between the two are color options and screen size: the IdeaPad S300 is a 13.3-inch deal, while the IdeaPad S400 is a 14-incher. Here’s the best part: the IdeaPad S300 starts at Php 21,995 for the Intel Pentium model, while the IdeaPad S400 starts at Php 24,995 for the Core i3 model.


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