Lenovo releases business minded ThinkPad tablet, makes Android wear a suit

Aside from the launch of their U300s yesterday evening, Lenovo also officially launched their business minded ThinkPad tablet. Noticeably thicker and bigger than their IdeaPad K1, the ThinkPad branded tablet is aimed at corporate customers that want some Android magic with that unmistakable corporate chic. This 10-inch tablet features a couple of business essentials, like a micro-USB, full-size SD card reader, full-size USB port and Lenovo’s unique file copy utility. The device also comes pre-loaded with a couple of business apps for productivity, including FlexT9 and Notes Mobile.

The ThinkPad tablet isn’t just something that Lenovo scrambled together and slapped a ThinkPad badge on – far from it. Like any business device, the ThinkPad Tablet is secured for business, and has security features that include full device and SD card encryption, port blockers and secure email access. Taking data protection from theft, data loss and viruses even further, the ThinkPad Tablet comes preloaded with McAfee Mobile Security app.

The ThinkPad Tablet won’t come cheap though – pricing starts at Php 28,000 for the 32GB version.