LG beats rivals in OLED TV launch, now accepting pre-orders in Korea, deliveries expected next month

LG has beat their TV rivals in the OLED TV space as the Korean company is now taking pre-orders for its 55-inch OLED TV model in Korea, with the firm promising deliveries next month. The company is making their 55-inch WRGB OLED TV (Model 55EM9700) available for peeps with inordinate amounts of cash in South Korea this month, as the TV is expected to command a price of around KRW 11 million, which is approximately $10,000 or Php 410550 before taxes and duties.

LG’s OLED TV is possibly the thinnest in the world, and boasts and overall thickness of only 4 millimeters thin and weighing less than 10 kilograms. Thanks to the new technology, the TV is capable of producing extremely vivid and realistic pictures, especially when combined with LG’s WRGB technology. LG also says that their unique Four-Color Pixel system features a white sub-pixel, which works in conjunction with the conventional red, blue, green setup to create the perfect color output. No word yet on when this particular TV will hit the Philippines.