LG launches 27-inch Smart TV TM2792 in Korea


While Korean company LG has an absolutely mammoth 84-inch 4K resolution Smart TV, not everyone has enough cash to buy one for themselves. That’s why they made the more affordable 27-inch TM2792. This smaller TV has almost all the Smart TV functionality of its bigger, more massive brother, but at a fraction (we’re hoping) of the pricetag. It will have WiFi sharing and over the air streaming, as well as internet connectivity and will use LG’s Smart Remote technology.

This small TV will also have 3D capabilities, and uses a 1920 x 1080 resolution IPS LCD panel. While there’s no pricing for this little TV yet, there’s an online listingfor it at Amazon.uk that pegs its price at around  £563.49 (which is around Php 37500)No local pricing or availability has been set yet, unfortunately.