LG outs their own curved OLED TV at CES, dubs it EA9800


You wouldn’t think Samsung was the only one that would unveil a curved OLED TV set at CES, did you? Korean rival LG also took the stage during the show and unveiled their own curved OLED TV offering. Unlike Samsung, who did not mention a specific model number (which more than likely means that the sale of their curved OLED TV may be months away) LG’s curved OLED TV offering already has an attached model number (as ungainly as EA9800 sounds) which may mean that the Korean company is already bracing for a full commercial release.

LG says that their 55-inch curved OLED TV offering produces astoundingly vivid and realistic pictures, due to no small part to their superiorWRGB technology, and uses a Four-Color Pixel system with a white sub-pixel which works in conjunction with the conventional RGB setup to create the perfect color output. No word on availability or price has been set yet by LG for this gorgeous new TV.