LG outs World’s first 29-inch, 21:9 ultrawide monitor


Thought your 16:10 display was hot stuff? Think again. LG has just outed the world’s first 29-inch 21:9 ultrawide PC monitor, which puts most of our 16:10 displays to shame. This behemoth uses an IPS panel, offers  a 4-Screen Split feature and 100 percent sRGB color space capability. While there are typically few uses for this kind of display for normal users, graphic artists would definitely appreciate the added work real-estate that this particular device brings, as well as 100 sRGB color space. Gamers will probably find this display to their liking as well, especially those who like to use dual-GPU setups. No word on price yet, and LG has said they will rolling this particular display out in Korea first before hitting the rest of the world later this month.