LIFX reinvents the light bulb

There isn’t much left to improve in the light bulb, right? After a century of existence, there doesn’t seem to be much more that we can do to improve it. Right? Wrong. Meet LIFX, a smart lightbulb that’s set to change the way we look at this simple gadget. LIFX is basically a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android.

Before you start laughing (a light bulb with WiFi? Whaaaat) it actually makes a whole lot of sense – the LIFX is able to take remote commands from both iOS and Android equipped smartphones, allowing you to dim the lights, change the color and do a thousand of different things in regards to lighting. Best of all, this light bulb will work on pre-existing hardware, and only requires you to buy a LIFX adapter and the actual light bulb for it to function.

The fun multiplies when you connect multiple LIFX bulbs together – as you can remotely control the lighting in your house for one bulb, or for all with a simple flick of a finger. The project has already reached its Kickstarter funding goal of $100,000, but it never really hurts to add more fuel to the fire. Check out the Kickstarter of the group here:


    • The bulbs that you listed is different. For one, it uses IR controllers, which is different from the WiFi in the LIFX. Second, it utilizes a separate controller, which is different from the one that the LIFX uses. From the link that you posted, it looks like each single bulb uses one separate controller, as opposed to the LIFX which uses 1 master bulb to control all the others.

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