Meet the first programmable iPad pedalboard (for guitarists)


This is the DigiTech iPB-10, the first fully programmable pedalboard that utilizes the touch-power of Apple’s iPad.  Essentially, this device provides guitarists the ability to create and program their dream effects rig, which is fully capable for live performances due to its solid build, high-def processing and zero latency.

Used in conjunction with DigiTech’s iPB-Nexus app, users can pick from 87 pedals, 54 amps and 26 cabinets, which they can drag/drop and rearrange to their heart’s content. The iPad docks into the pedalboard (as seen in the photo above), so users can still browse through their saved presets by touch, or by stomping on the foot switches during a performance.


Shipping in this month of June, the suggested retail price is roughly Php 30,366 ($699.95).