Microsoft finally announces Surface tablet pricing, starts at $499


When Microsoft unveiled the Surface tablet a few months ago, the tech hivemind all wanted to know how much the company would sell their first attempt at a Microsoft branded tablet. Well, seems like the folks at Redmond have broken their silence, and have announced the pricing SKUs for the RT versions of the tablet, which is their attempt to take the tablet market away from Apple. The base model of the surface that’s equipped with 32GB of storage will retail for $499 (about Php 20571 without taxes) without the smart cover/keyboard. If you want that touch cover, you will need to fork over $599 for it. For people who fancy the 64GB version, it seems that Microsoft will only be selling it with the touch cover which will set you back a cool $699. While we secretly wanted the devices to breach the $400 barrier, the current pricing SKU of Microsoft puts them on par with Apple’s offering. The only thing left now is to get our hands on one.