Microsoft gets touchy feely with their Touch Mouse

Only Microsoft would look at a mouse and say, this thing doesn’t do enough and then subsequently release a new, improved version that points, clicks AND reads your finger gestures. Dubbed the Microsoft Touch Mouse, this new take on the venerable pointing device adds multi-finger touch functionality that gives users more control and will ultimately improve their productivity.

  • One finger lets people manage individual documents or pages by flicking to quickly scroll, pan and tilt, and one thumb lets people move back or forward through a Web browser.
  • Two fingers manage windows, letting people maximize, minimize, snap and restore them.
  • Three fingers let people navigate their whole desktop, showing instant viewer or clearing their desktop.

The new mouse also incorporate’s Microsoft’s Blue Track tech, which enables users to use the mouse on almost any surface imaginable (except clear glass). Additional features include an ambidextrous design providing comfort and durability in both hands, five customizable buttons, which grant easy and quick access to favoritetasks; a snap-in nano transceiver that gives its users the option to leave the transceiver plugged into the computer or conveniently store it in the bottom of the mouse; 2.4GHz wireless technology, and up to 18 months of hassle-free navigation.