Multi-entertainment system, Wand, makes its PH debut



Mr. Robert Lee, President of Wand Smart Entertainment System Inc., giving the press an overview of Wand.

Riding the tech trend of ‘smart’ technologies, the Wand Smart Multimedia Entertainment System officially joins the wave as it launches in the country today.

Touted as the world’s first multi-entertainment system, Wand converts your average television set into a more capable smart television. The quick setup only requires a little effort; just plug the device into the television set via the RCA or HDMI port and you instantly have an internet ready smart device.


“It’s a fun-loving product,” remarked Robert Lee, President of Wand Smart Entertainment System Inc. As a multi-entertainment system, the Wand comes packed with various features. It is internet ready, allowing users to browse the web and social media sites through a Wi-Fi or LAN connection. The Wand is also compatible with the Android OS and is pre-loaded with 22 apps. Apart from its connectivity feature, it is also a revolutionary media player capable of playing full HD media.


In addition, the multi-entertainment system also functions as a photo viewer and a music player with an automatic DJ mixer. There is a picture in picture mode and recording of live feed feature. A microphone with a karaoke function also comes with the device, with over 1,000 songs in mp3 format. The highlight of the karaoke function is that it allows users to expand the library of songs by downloading from any website and sorting the songs in a number listing. The Wand can also record videos and double as a CCTV via webcam.

The Wand smart multi-entertainment system is expandable up to 3-terabyte and allows the user to access, delete, copy and organize files on his/her USB, SD or external hard drive.

The Wand is available at select Anson’s, E-boutique, AV Surfer, and Avesco outlets at PHP 17,900.