Need a great set of speakers? Samson has something for you


There are people who like music, and are perfectly content listening to their tracks on any old audio system, and there are those who demand nothing short of the immersive studio experience the artists want their listeners to experience. For the former, a standard set of speakers will probably suffice. For the latter, we have the Samson MediaOne BT5.

These speakers produce 20 watts per channel RMS, 40 watts per channel Peak of full-range audio. Their 5-inch copolymer woofers deliver a controlled low frequency response, while their 1-inch silk dome tweeters give the high frequencies a natural sound without unwanted noise. Each rear-vented, precision-tuned port enclosure is finished in an all-black satin vinyl covering with matching metal grills for the woofers and tweeters, assuring these monitors look as good as they sound.

To add to the already impressive hardware, the BT5 features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to wirelessly and painlessly connect the speakers with a smartphone, laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. There is a Bluetooth connection button conveniently located on the speaker’s rear control panel, along with RCA inputs for wired audio. The system also give users a 3.5 mm aux-in jack for universal audio connectivity.

Whether for gaming, music listening, or even some light A/V production, the MediaOne BT5 speakers have you covered.

Samson products are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Audiophile. For more information contact your nearest Audiophile outlet strore. www.audiophile.ph