New iPhone 5 case gives you keyboard/gamepad in a sleek, thin package


If you’ve ever wished for a sleek, physical controller for the iPhone 5 to play your mobile games with, your prayers have been answered. Chinese accessory manufacturer iPhone5Mod made the EX Hybrid Controller for people who like physical controls for both typing and gaming. The case attaches in the back of the iPhone 5 and the keyboard and gamepad sticks on top of that via powerful magnets. The devices use USB 3.0 technology to connect to the iPhone 5, and has a runtime of around 4o hours with a standby time of 160 hours.

The Chinese firm confirmed to TechCrunch that their controller/keyboard uses physical buttons and not touch-sensitive ones, which should be good news to people who are sick and tired of using unresponsive touch-sensitive keys. The case retails for around $50, which is around Php 2042 – a steal, considering what it promises to deliver.

Source: iPhone5Mod via TechCrunch