NVIDIA announces budget-friendly GeForce 660 and GeForce 650

NVIDIA’s Kepler based GPUs are finally within reach of frugal gamers, as the company has official announced the GeForce 660 and GeForce 650 line to the market. The GeForce 660 is powered by NVIDIA’s GK106 chip, and boasts 960 CUDA cores. Gamers are looking at a 980MHz base clock, and with about 2GB of memory, the GeForce 660 should be able to handle most new games at high graphic settings. We don’t have an idea how well this particular GPU runs, but the company predicts that this particular GPU should be 4x faster than the firm’s previous card, the GeForce 9800GT. The GeForce 660 will retail for $229.

The GeForce 650 meanwhile, is the lowest man on the Kepler totem pole. This particular card bears NVIDIA’s GK107 chip, will have 384 CUDA cores amd 1GB of memory, all the while running at 1058MHz. The GeForce 650 will retail for $109.

As expected, multiple manufacturers have announced their own products based on the new NVIDIA GPUs. Companies like Palit, Sparkle and Asus have shown their interpretations of the new product, though only Asus has given their own pricing for their ASUS GTX 660 Direct CU II, retailing at PhP 15,490 for the top-of-the-line version.