NVIDIA unveils Project Shield, handheld Android powered device for gaming, Tegra 4 inside


NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang sprang a surprise announcement at the tail-end of their CES presser earlier today in the form of Project Shield – a handheld Android gaming console powered by their recently announced Tegra 4 processor. The new device sports their Tegra 4 processor, along with physical keys and controls along with 38Wh worth of 18650 Li-ion batteries.  Like any self-respecting handheld console, Project Shield has a number of connectors which include USB, micro SD, mini HDMI port and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Project Shield will pack a 5-inch, multi-touch 720p display – big enough to satisfy hardcore gamers, we imagine.

Project Shield’s OS of choice is of course, Android, and Jen-Hsun says that the device will be able to sync with the Android Marketplace as far as downloading and buying games is concerned. The overall size of Project Shield is comparable to an XBOX 360 controller, which should alleviate fears of it being too bulky for any kind of real gaming. Project Shield will also be capable of working with Valve’s Big Picture mode for Steam, which basically tethers Project Shield to your PC, allowing you to play controller friendly Steam games right on Project Shield. During the demo, Project Shield managed to run NFS: Most Wanted off of a master PC, without the PC showing signs of being used (it still showed the standard desktop wallpaper, even while one of the demo guys were ripping it in NFS: Most Wanted.